Emma Barber is a non-binary graphic designer and illustrator from North Carolina. They have been freelancing illustration and graphic design work since 2013. They completed their undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Arts degree in editing and graphic design, as of May 2020.
Emma has been drawing for as long as they can remember and has always had the goal to freelance - whether they knew it or not. They have a lot of passion and quirky interests, which influence their work, and love to experiment in their style. 
Currently situated on the NC Outer Banks on Ocracoke Island, Emma freelances full-time and works at Books to be Red. They are focusing their talents on creating content for the bookshop while also continuing to take on various freelance projects, and they have recently begun storyboarding a children's book.
Their interests include supernatural creatures and cryptids, fiction novels (horror/sci-fi/fantasy especially), coffee, birds, and dogs of all shapes and sizes. They hope to own another dog in the near future. That's their main goal. (: 

For any freelancing inquiries, please reach out via email at boucherdesignco@gmail.com.

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